Acoustic / Electric Guitars

$50 including D'Addario strings

$35 excluding strings (BYO or purchase a different set of strings)


Classical Guitars

$50 including strings


Bass Guitars

$35 excluding strings


12-String Guitars

$50 excluding strings 


Soprano, Concert, Tenor Ukuleles

$50 including Aquila strings



Setups are a full service of your instrument to get it playing as best as possible and include (where applicable):

  • Restring
  • Body clean and polish
  • Fret polish
  • Fingerboard clean and lubrication
  • Neck adjustment
  • Saddle adjustment
  • Intonation


Acoustic Guitars

$89 including D’Addario strings

$79 excluding strings (BYO strings or purchase a different set of strings)


Electric Guitars (Standard)

$99 including D’Addario strings

$89 excluding strings


Electric Guitars (Locking Tremolo)

$125 excluding strings


12-String Guitars

$110 excluding strings


Bass Guitars

$89 excluding strings


Restrings and setups take between 1-5 days to complete depending on how many instruments we have in the queue. There is no need to book in advance - you can drop your guitar off at anytime during business hours. We reserve the right to refuse any instrument that we believe cannot be improved to an acceptable playing condition for both the player and the instrument.


Your guitar may incur an additional cleaning fee if it is exceptionally dirty as cleaning an instrument in such shape is very time consuming.



We work with several local repairers to offer a variety of professional repair services for guitars and basses that include but are not limited to:

  • Wiring and electronic work (jack, pot, and pickup replacements, rewiring etc.)
  • Pickup installation (including routing if required)
  • Fret dresses and refrets
  • New nut and saddle cuts and fittings
  • Structural work (broken necks, cracks, re-gluing bridges and bracing etc.)


Amp Repairs

Our repairers are also experienced with amps and can provide various repairs and services, including re-tubing.


Cost, Quotes & Wait Times

The costs of repairs are assessed on a case-by-case basis and usually require leaving the instrument or amp with us for up to 10 business days until our repairer can take a look at it, after which we will contact you with your quote and you can decide if you would like to go ahead with it.

You may be required to pay the minimum bench fee ($75) when you leave your guitar or amp with us for a quote - this is to cover labour costs to examine and isolate the faults. If you decide to go ahead with the repair, the $75 bench fee will be deducted from your total bill upon payment.

Repairs can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or even longer depending on what the problem is (parts that require ordering and structural work - especially where gluing is involved - usually take the longest).


Pedal & Pro Audio Repairs

Unfortunately at this stage we do not repair effect pedals or pro audio equipment. We recommend Earthling Designs at Darlinghurst for these repairs.